Sunday, August 30, 2009


I had my 7 dpo progesterone test this morning to check on my ovulation and whether Clomid is helping to 'strengthen' it. Apparently not so much. It was 9.6 today. Back in July, without any meds at all, it was 8.4. The doctor said that it is fine (really? the internet says it should be over 15 in a medicated cycle!), but that I could supplement with progesterone if it made me feel better.

Definitely feeling sad & disappointed & so frustrated.


  1. Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I know that is not the result you wanted. Sending hugs...

  2. That sucks. Some people do better with progesterone supplementation, so maybe you'll react really well to that?
    I'm sorry you're so frustrated...

  3. That is frustrating, I'm sorry hon.

    This may be a dumb question, but are you going to supplement with progesterone?

    Sending you lots of good vibes today! Email me if you want to vent.

  4. Actually, the question is a good one, re: progesterone supplementation. I doubt it'll help, but I have the supplements in the house already so I will supplement until I take a pregnancy test and then take it from there I guess.

  5. I'm sending you good thoughts and I hope your lining gets thicker. I've never gotten to this point yet, but I wish you the best.

  6. Im sorry your news wasn't good. I too am waiting for good news that Clomid worked. I hope the Dr. is right and that your levels are still ok. Thanks for the PreSeed is a lifesaver!

  7. I just came here from Baby Hungry- I'm bummed for you, but I know that clomid is accumulative, so maybe next cycle will be better!...I have found that many doctors have many scales as to what is acceptable! My regular GYN tested me in Feb, and he said that my 6.4 was fine....but at my first RE appt in May, he said he wants the number over 10, and while mine was 16.8 on clomid (I'm on my 3rd cycle), I have also heard over 15 is best...and my 16.8 isn't that much over 15!!!

    Sending you positive vibes this 2ww!