Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 11, later

I spent a good part of the day feeling upset and frustrated.
However, the doctor didn't seem super worried this morning. As my husband will probably remind me later, he said 'it all looks very normal'... And maybe it is... It is only day 11, the follicles have several more days until ovulation is even expected. They grow about 1-2mm per day, that could have them at 16-18mm by Thursday (which would only be CD 14 and I have ovulated later than that before). The fact that there's only one on the right is a definite bummer, but it isn't impossible for a egg from one ovary to be grabbed by the opposite Fallopian tube (in fact, I think that happened the last time I got pregnant).

The difficulty, not surprisingly, is that my heart has been set on getting pregnant and having a baby for a very long time and we've been running into roadblocks from the beginning. After all, the month we'd decided to start trying I ended up in the ER with a very, very painful ovarian cyst and believe it or not, things went downhill from there! It's not crazy for me to think that there's going to be a problem around every corner- that's pretty much what's happened. What I have to remember is that sometimes the internet is wrong or overwrought and eventually there will not be a problem or a roadblock around every corner. Just like in all parts of life, sometimes the road is bumpy and full of traps and other times the path ahead opens up and the danger disappears and it's smooth sailing and pretty blue skies for miles. I could really use some open road.


  1. Oh sweetie... I know this is NOT what you wanted. But we have to have lots of hope! I remember being devastated on the cycle we only had one folly (damn- isnt that what "normal" people have???) and crying my eyes out when my RE said that we were going to trigger and try... And we conceived Alexander. I was amazed. Then, on cycles with multiples, nothing. So one folly CAN happen. It can!!! We will keep thinking and hoping and praying and crossing our fingers for your one to get bigger and bigger!!!

  2. Hoping for open road for you! I know just what you say "It's not crazy for me to think that there's going to be a problem around every corner- that's pretty much what's happened." Uggh. The only thing I'm good at is actually getting pregnant, and that doesn't last too long.

    I so hope this works out for you.

  3. Thank you both, it is so good to hear words of support!