Monday, March 2, 2009

In the beginning

I thought having a baby was just something that happened. In fact, I thought a person just stopped using protection and Hey Presto! next thing you knew you were out shopping for children's books and weighing your stroller options. I mean, I knew that there was timing involved and such, but I was a champion charter who had been sure that with enough temperature taking that once caution was thrown to the wind and copulation occurred it was all over save for the baby shower.

11 months later and now I know that usually happens to teenagers or people who weren't actually interested in having a baby. Oh, do I sound bitter? My, my, we can't have that! So, now, with nearly a year of trying and several unpleasant tests and procedures under my belt (hah! punny!), I'm left without a specific diagnosis and only one Fallopian tube and instructions to 'try on our own for a while'.

This is my story of what happens next.