Saturday, September 26, 2009

What weekend?

My business trip started Wednesday afternoon at the end of the work day and the business part will end tomorrow around 5pm. Then it is back to work on Tuesday (I'll have Monday to spend with my mom and grandpa and to fly home). Working straight thru the weekend is tough and my days have been long. However, there are two excellent upsides: I barely have time to worry and I get to meet really interesting people.
I'll also appreciate next weekend all that much more since it will be my only one until the end of October!

Boob Watch Fall 2009 continues: Definitely sore again, though it does come and go a bit. Still fuller and a bit denser and nipple tenderness continues to be present, though not as badly as it was initially (which is really good, cause that HURT!).
Again, who knows... but I do hope.


  1. Oh I thought you were home already! Silly me! Enjoy your time with your family.

    Sore and fuller boobs are a good sign, hon!

  2. Girlfriend, you are one busy lady! I dont see how you do it! I get tired just reading!!!

  3. Have a great time with your mom and grandpa!
    My boob watch story is the same as yours... comes and goes... sending you some good thoughts!

  4. Your schedule is tiring! Have fun with your mom and grandpa =)