Friday, September 11, 2009

Post-Freak Out

I decided to take action and stop my freak-out before it started.
Now, I don't know if this will cure me, I seriously doubt it, but it was definitely smart to get checked for my own peace of mind.
I called the doctor and went in for a 4th beta today because I was feeling so nervous about it. I know, I need to relax, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.
Today's beta was 1,919. Doubling time was 41.5 hours (averages for numbers in the range I'm in now and the one I was in on Tuesday are: 40.47 & 42.34).
This is definitely reassuring, though I'm not ruling out getting nervous again.
I can't promise anything, but I do know that having solid numbers at this point (the point at which things started going badly last time), feels good today.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling good. That's a NICE number!

  2. That's a great number! I can imagine it will be difficult to just sit back and not worry but I'm loving how your betas are progressing. Looks very promising. Sending you tons of sticky baby dust!

  3. Awesome number. I hope it sticks and you have nine months of happiness ahead of you.

  4. I am so excited that your numbers keep going up and up. Try to be happy and enjoy it!