Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pregnancy mentioned again...

I rescheduled the ultrasound for Friday.
This means that if we get good news (and there's every reason to think we will!) we have all weekend to celebrate!
It also means that if the results aren't so great we'll have some time to figure out what happens next. There isn't really a question of me re-scheduling the business trip, but my experience with a miscarriage on a business trip last spring was so difficult both physically and emotionally that I really want to avoid that scenario if at all possible. Hopefully there will be no reason to worry about that, but if there is we'll have some time to make a plan. There seemed to be concern about me 'planning life around ttc' and I'm not quite sure what y'all meant... I'm not 'trying' right now, just hoping that I don't have to go through a miscarriage in a hotel room far from my support system (and ideally not at all), which seems pretty practical to me!

Aside from wishing I had some more symptoms, the week is going well. It's also tough to tell what is brought on by my body and what's just a result of the progesterone supplementation. I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful despite trying to prepare myself in case it doesn't work out- that's how I cope with things, always feeling better if I know how I'll get through it if bad things happen.

Ultrasound in 3 days!


  1. Im glad you rescheduled. You will feel much better knowing everything is ok. Glad everything is going well!

  2. Glad to hear you have a little more breathing room before your trip - I'm sure everything will look great on Friday!

    As for the "TTC" reference, I think we meant (at least I did) more the hoops that women who have struggled with IF jump through for TTC and then early pregnancy nervousness than the literal "trying" part. TTC is kind of synonymous for me with the difference between us and those fertile myrtles, they'd get a HPT+, schedule an OB visit for 10 weeks and then blissfully assume everything would be fine. Whereas we have to worry about early ultrasounds and issues on business trips.

    But you're definitely in the "succeeded" and not "trying" bucket now!

  3. NoodleGirl- Thanks for your always thoughtful comments! I wasn't thinking people were misunderstanding and indicating that I was still 'ttc', though I didn't articulate that well enough. It's just that I see myself as trying to fit IF into my already existing life rather than vice versa- I mean, despite knowing I would miscarry last spring I still got on the airplane and went through a week-long business trip. That was actually sort of crazy, in retrospect! I've got several trips booked for this fall and haven't canceled them, I'm just trying to ease my worries about having last spring's scenario repeat itself, you know?

  4. It sounds like what you did is a good idea. It gives you some space where you can do what you need. Learning about your loss during a business trip sounds awful. I hope you get positive news this time :)

  5. Glad you followed your instincs and rescheduled for Friday, can't wait to read how great it went =)

  6. WOW! A Friday ultrasound! That's great! I'll be sending you lots of love and good JUJU!