Thursday, July 16, 2009


Finally got brave enough to call my doctor's office during my work day. They're only open from 8am-4pm so it is difficult for me to talk to them (and they close from noon-1pm) with any modicum of privacy, but most of my coworkers are on vacation this week.

I talked to a nice nurse (even though she asked if I was pregnant and thus revealed that she hadn't read my file despite having it in front of her) and she gave me the test results from my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level- my TSH has gone down nearly a whole point! It was over 3.2 and now it is 2.38! That's really good news! My medication will stay the same then and we'll hope it goes down just a bit more (under 2 is best). I asked her about the borderline progesterone test and she agreed that it was concerning that it was under 10 and said she thought checking with the doctor would be good. His suggestion (they called me back within 45 minutes) is that I should try Clomid next cycle to strengthen my ovulation and increase my progesterone level to help support a pregnancy.

Next up I'll need to talk to my husband (let's call him Hank). Hank and I will chat tonight and see what we think. Before the doctor had suggested Clomid with IUI and we weren't too excited about that, but just the medication seems like a good solution, especially if it does the trick!

While I'm still a bit worried that I'll just keep learning that new things are wrong with me (current fear: premature ovarian failure, basis for concern: nada, zip, zilch), I'm really excited to get some solid information and a plan for moving forward!


  1. Oh good numbers, hon! Good luck with your talk with hubby. Crossing fingers for ya!

  2. Yay about your TSH- that is great news! So glad it is dropping.
    Sending hugs...