Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What happens next...

It turns out that what happens next is that a certain blogger gets a positive pregnancy test the day after she starts her blog. She immediately cancels her blog and then takes herself off the Blogroll over at Stirrup Queens because she has done it! Things are going to be great and easy now!

Oops. Turns out that blogger wasn't reading her own writing very well. It also turns out that that blogger was me and after finally getting a positive test in early March I went on to have a chemical pregnancy and then, just to be sure I was completely convinced that someone out there is out to get me, I got another positive pregnancy test in early April. That one lasted 5 and a half weeks, long enough for two betas and two ultrasounds- we even got to see the gestational sac. Unfortunately, that ended in miscarriage this past weekend. Now I'm trying desperately to recover physically, process it all emotionally and get back to some kind of healthy and happy just as soon as I can because the last two months have been hard.
Hang in there with me and we'll find out what the next few months hold. I think I'll ask Melissa if she'll put me back on the list for now.


  1. We all want to hope for the best without thinking of the worst. No shame in that. Sending you warm thoughts and hope...

  2. I'm so sorry for your losses. Each one gets harder and more disappointing! I'm sending you positive vibes for the next BFP.